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Caps and Gowns

Beginning in early February all graduating students and members of the faculty may begin placing their requests for commencement regalia. Sizing and orders are taken care of through the UConn Co-op Health Bookstore.

Faculty members who own their personal regalia and do not require a rental must notify Lisa Francini or Matthew Marrotte of their planned attendance at the ceremony. This is necessary for the purpose of securing a seat as part of the platform party and for keeping the on-stage headcount accurate within the seating capacity of the dais.

UConn Co-op Health Bookstore
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-0900
Phone: 860-679-2332
Fax: 860-679-4448

When the regalia has been received from the vendor, students and faculty members will be notified via email and asked to pick up their caps and gowns at the UConn Co-op Health Bookstore, AM034.

All regalia must be returned immediately following the commencement ceremony. A drop-off location will be available following the ceremony in the Student Union.

Regalia Order Forms
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